Frequently Asked Questions


Can Tripoetic plan a trip for any destination around the globe?

​We can advise and create a trip for you anywhere in the world.


What happens after I contact Tripoetic?

You will receive an email or phone call within the next 24 hours explaining how we at Tripoetic can help you plan your dream trip with ease. 

Who plans my trip?

Your trip will be planned by one or more travel experts from Tripoetic. He/she will work with you interactively as the planning progresses.


How much time will it take to plan my vacation?

The time taken in planning a vacation will depend on the duration and the level of customisation required for the trip. It can take anywhere from 2 days to a week.

Can you arrange visas too?

No, we do not arrange tourist visas. However, we can provide you all visa related information so that you can apply for the visa.

How much does it cost?​

Please contact us for this important piece of information.

Will you also book my holiday?

Yes, Tripoetic can book the full holiday or only certain components of the holiday depending on your preferences. 


What kind of customer service do you offer?

​We want you to have a memorable vacation. Before and during the travel, it will be our goal to satisfy every requirement from you. 

Is my information safe and secure with Tripoetic?

​Of course. In this day and age, when much of our information is public, Tripoetic values your privacy. Be assured, that your information will never leave our internal database, nor will you receive any spam mail from a third party because of us. 

Where are you located?

Our team is in North India, but we work with travellers worldwide.