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​Tripoetic is an India-based personalised holiday planner that creates luxury international vacations. We believe that travel is about your likes, desires and dreams! The unique aspect about planning a travel with us is that we design the trip interactively with you. It could be anything from a family holiday to a romantic honeymoon. Just share with us your interests, travel style and any big or small detail. And we will craft a dream customized travel itinerary based on these while ensuring that your hard-earned money is put to best use while travelling. Whether it is a castle that the kids want to see, a long cherished scenic train ride or a favourite beach, it’s our job to ensure that everything fits in the itinerary.

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Personalised trip plan from the ground up ensures fun holiday for traveller of every age and interest.

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 A customised international sightseeing itinerary means you don't have to worry about "where, what and how" while on vacation.

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Your trip is designed by a team with global travel experience. They share unique insights about every destination.