You can perhaps book a trip yourself, right? Just go to a few online travel booking websites, enter your information and it’s done! Correct? Well yes, if you want the same trip everyone else does or if you want a conventional cookie-cutter vacation. But if the idea is to enhance that adventure, if the desire is to do what your friends have never done and if you want to take the trip from ordinary to extraordinary, the services of a travel advisor would prove invaluable. And now that we are looking at a post-global crisis world, where uncertainty looms and you need that helping hand and advice of an expert, a personalised travel planner is a necessity.

As your trusted travel advisors, we:

Elevate the Experience – A top-notch travel planner does not go by pre-conceived itineraries and popular perceptions. Because everyone does that! So why not suggest the road less travelled? E.g. anyone would recommend a visit to the famous Taronga Zoo in a Sydney trip. But we suggest an even deeper adventure here, called the ‘Roar & Snore’, an unforgettable overnight experience with intimate animal encounters and safari-style accommodation with marvellous Sydney Harbour views! Hotel room upgrades, spa credits, room with great view, complimentary drinks and sunset boat ride are just a few of the many other benefits you can enjoy through us anywhere in the world.


Understand your style – We all have our own travel styles and no two travellers are the same. But does that necessarily translate to a vacation customised to your style? If children enjoy history, then just a visit to the Accademia Gallery in Florence is not enough. You need a knowledgeable local guide who can put the history into context for the whole family. We will have suggestions to satiate each traveller’s appetite. You name the experience and we will get it for you (well as long as you don’t insist on entering the Oval Office at the White House 😉)


Have travelled the world – The top travel advisors in the industry have spent a lot of time on the road themselves. We might have even visited many of the destinations on your list. Now how interesting is that? Think of us as a friend who has not only seen the world but also has that in-depth knowledge about the top things to do, the best tour guides, best hotel locations and even trivia like where to get that all-famous Santorini view from. You can be assured that the products and services we recommend would be highly relevant and top quality.


Leverage our partnerships – Let’s face it. When you see a great travel deal online, does it look too good to be true at times? Are you sure that the hotel offering a free night’s stay in Seoul is close to the happening districts? Does a great TripAdvisor rating of a local tour company guarantee a knowledgeable English-speaking guide in Kyoto? With a seasoned travel designer, there is no reason to worry. We have researched your destinations thoroughly and build trustworthy relationships, so all you need to do is show up there and trust us with the flawless execution.


Know that you are busy – Yes, we understand you do not have time to research and plan everything by yourself. And that is exactly what a detail-oriented travel advisor can take-off your plate. What can potentially take you weeks to plan can be turned around in a matter of 2-3 days from us. Why visit 20 websites looking for the best towns to stay along the Garden Route in South Africa when your trip planner can answer the same in a couple of minutes? All you need is the belief that we know the best for you and the rest is easy!


Handle complicated itineraries with ease – You have a group of friends in different parts of the world who want to meet and party on the beach in Rio de Janeiro. Or the 3-generation extended family wants to get together for your 50th birthday in Turkey. Everyone wants to have fun but has their own taste. How do you plan a 10-day vacation that suits everyone’s style? Might sound complex to you but not to an expert travel planner who has tailor-made plenty of such vacations. So just share each traveller’s preferences and location and rest assured you will have a memorable holiday!


In the current scenario, where the future of travel is complicated and ambiguous, the role of a travel advisor becomes even more crucial. So now we will:

Help you navigate and ensure you are safe – While it is important to follow the updates from the travel world, the rules and regulations can be confusing and even scary. From temperature checks to the need for testing at the airport and from the requirement of social distancing to the touchless check-ins at the hotel, the information is overwhelming. As of this writing, media information is dynamic and requirements vary from one country to another. However, as part of custom designing your trip, we will not only explain everything to you, but also ensure that you are comfortable with all the rules, whether you are visiting Maldives or Argentina.


Hold your hand with changes and cancellations – You never want any reason for a change or cancellation after a long-cherished vacation is booked. But given the global situation, don’t be surprised if the unplanned happens. The advantage of booking through a travel advisor is two-fold. First, modification fees and refund policies will be shared with you in clear terms before the booking. Second, if there are any unforeseen events, we are just a phone call or email away! So, no waiting for the airline customer support and no need to contact each hotel individually. We will handle all this for you. Sounds cool, right? Now start thinking about relaxing in an overwater villa in Bora Bora..!!


Yes, it’s true! Having access to a real person 24/7 who is responsive and prompt was a luxury, but in fact it is a necessity now. We know the business inside out. Leave your travel concerns and plans to us and just dream about that next getaway with your loved ones!