Ride on the Venice Simplon Orient Express

Indulge in regal luxury and enviable hospitality as you pass by surreal, picture perfect postcard European landscapes. The Simplon Orient express is your fantasy coming alive with elaborate meals, personal butlers and a palatial ambience. Every detail is taken care of meticulously as you sit back, sip Champagne and watch the countryside change through your lalique glass panelled window. Savour sights of towering peaks and picturesque vineyards, charming medieval castles to church towers kissing the sky, as you go back in a bygone era with elegant corridors of mahogany and tunes wafting from the bar car's piano. This 17 car vintage train, an epitome of luxury and culinary excellence passes through the enchanting cities of London, Paris and Venice giving the journey an enigmatic romantic appeal. An experience meant to be lived to be believed, here the journey is undoubtedly more beautiful than the destination. Your 'special occasion' certainly needs no other celebration.