Sunset Villa and Undersea Restaurant in Maldives

Love the sea? Escape into an infinite blue as you stay in a private Sunset Villa in Conrad Maldives. Enjoy the privacy of your own lagoon and dip your feet in tranquility. Admire the mesmerizing Indian ocean beneath from the glass flooring in the villa and watch the hues of the sky change as the bed rotates giving you breathtaking 270 degree views! And there is more. You can enter the magical world under the sea and dine as its spectacular residents glide over and around you. Welcome to Ithaa, an undersea restaurant located 5 meters below sea level at Conrad Maldives. With a stellar view of the pristine aqua life and magnificent corals, this is one dining experience you’d definitely want to add to your bucket list. Other than the extravagant ambience, the restaurant treats you to luxurious four course lunches and six course dinners with delectable European cuisine and the choicest wines!