Relive your Enid Blyton fantasy of spending a night in a treehouse in the wilderness of South Africa. If you are a wildlife enthusiast and wish to watch the changing hues of the sky from orange to red to purple to a dark blue and watch the hypnotising stars shimmer away, the treehouse experience is just for you. At sunset, you are escorted to your private bedroom in the treetop with panoramic views of the African plains. A luxurious dinner is served on the treetop with the ambience of stars and the tranquility of the wild. This extravagant five-star luxury, nestled in nature allows you complete privacy and disconnect from everything remotely urban. Connect with nature’s sounds, scents and sights, as you sleep in an open air environment with songs of the wild for company. This is surely one rustic, raw experience that you’d voluntarily give up your Wi-Fi for!

Intimate night on a lavish Treehouse in Africa