Traveller Details - Young couple.
Destination - South America preferrably, Brazil, Peru and Argentina.
Duration and time of travel - 10 days, around mid January.
Travel Interests - Luxury travel, party and nightlife, local cultural experience and shopping.
Budget Range - ₹ 5,00,000 - ₹ 5,50,000
Other details - 

  • South America is a relatively unknown but upcoming tourist destination.
  • Very few travel companies have experience in planning trips to that area.

The holiday starts with the best in that continent, Rio de Janeiro.

Air tickets

The big travel hubs in this area are Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires and they are the must visit cities too. So they are chosen as arrival and departure airports. In this case, our travellers prefer one stop to save time even if it means spending a few thousand rupees more. Departure is from Mumbai (Bombay). As of this writing, the airfare for two on this route is about ₹ 2,20,000 on British Airways. (Yes, it is expensive to get to South America with one stop).

From India: Jan 15                                                                                                    
Depart BOM 2:30 Arrive LHR 06:45      Depart LHR 11:55 Arrive GIG 21:25 (Same Day)          

To India: Jan 25 
Depart BUE 14:05 Arrive LHR 06:25     Depart LHR 10:05 Arrive BOM 00:15 (+2 days)


Luxury hotels in the Copacabana area are suggested for this trip. Copacabana is close to many tourist 
attractions in Rio. For the 4 day period from Jan 15-19, here are two possible accommodations in the city:

Windsor Atlantica Hotel - ₹ 63,000
Arena Copacabana Hotel - ₹ 56,000


Day 0 - Arrive at the Rio hotel late in the night.

Day 1 - After the long journey, we recommend starting this day at the Copacabana beach. Indulge in activities like volleyball, parasailing and surfing and enjoy some local beverages. For a beautiful panoramic view, climb the fort at one end of the beach and then stroll on the boardwalk to the other end. Continue the day at the other great beach of Rio de Janeiro, the Ipanema. Visit the art galleries or shop at the upscale boutiques nearby. Savour a delectable local cuisine dinner at Ipanema. Later dance the night away at some of the popular clubs in the area.

Day 2 - This is the day to visit the most famous attractions of this continent. Board the Corcovado cog train that goes through the forest towards Christ the Redeemer statue at the hilltop. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the Atlantic ocean, beaches and downtown. In the afternoon, take the cable cars towards the famous Sugarloaf Mountain. While waiting for sunset, capture memorable pictures of Rio and watch the city light up from the top! 

Day 3 - Botanical Gardens is the first stop for this day. After taking this fabulous walk with nature, bike along Rodrigo de Freitas Lake. Next recommended attraction is the colourful Santa Teresa neighbourhood, the artistic centre of the city that has a totally different feel. Shop for local stuff and don't forget to climb the iconic Selaron steps. Keep the evening for either watching a live samba show or samba to some live music at the Rio Scenarium. This is it for Rio!

Day 4 - Wake up early for flight out to the next destination.

Next up on this wonderful holiday are Machu Picchu in Peru and Buenos Aires in Argentina.


  • Rio has a good public transportation system. Ideally, keep a mix of bus, metro and taxi during the stay.
  • Again, Tripoetic will personalise everything according to your preferences! For example, football fans will want to visit and, if possible, watch a match at the Maracana stadium.

Trip cost is not a major consideration in this vacation, but we can design a similar trip within cost constraints too. Get in touch if you want to know more.

Check out snippets from a couple of itineraries that provide a good insight into Tripoetic’s idea of travel planning. The actual itinerary that we provide you will be even more detailed.


Traveller Details - Family of 4, with kids aged 9 & 6.

Destination - Australia & New Zealand.

Duration and time of travel - 15 days, mid to late November.

Travel Interests - Adventure, beaches, nature, sightseeing and food.

Maximum Budget - ₹ 6,50,000

Other details -

  • Parents can have fun only if the kids are enjoying the trip.
  • Pre-planned holiday packages are expensive, costing over ₹ 8,00,000 for the whole family.
  • Customised experience is desired. 

The first stop of their trip is Sydney and here is how we would design it:

Air tickets

A good trip plan starts with setting the flight dates first. Sydney and Auckland are chosen as fly in and fly out airports since they are the biggest travel hubs as well as popular tourist destinations of their respective countries. Departure city is New Delhi. Singapore Airlines is recommended because they have great service, suitable airfare and their stopover airport, Changi has some nice activities for kids. As of this writing, the airfare for the whole family on this route is about ₹ 3,00,000. This is subject to change depending on when the tickets are bought.

From India: Nov 17                                                                                                    

Depart DEL 09:30 Arrive SIN 17:35      Depart SIN 20:40 Arrive SYD 7:40 (Next Day)          

To India: Dec 2 

Depart AKL 13:30 Arrive SIN 19:05      Depart SIN 02:35 Arrive DEL 5:55 (Next Day)


Being a family with children, we suggest staying in apartments in some places. In each area, we provide a couple of hotel choices, based on traveller’s requirements. Here are two recommended accommodations in central Sydney with tariff (as of this writing) for the full stay from Nov 18-22:

Woolloomooloo Waters Apartment Hotel  - ₹ 49,000
Macleay Hotel – ₹ 50,000


Day 1 – Arrive in Sydney in the morning and relax at the hotel till late afternoon. Then get ready for the top attraction in the city, the Sydney Harbour and the bridge. Take the ferry to North shore and walk back along the bridge at sunset. Enjoy stunning views of Sydney including the famous Opera House. This is the time to click a few memorable photographs.

Day 2 – Take a guided tour of the Sydney Opera house and watch a show. They have plenty of family-friendly events too. In the second-half of the day, take the scenic walk to the Royal Botanic Gardens. For an overview of the gardens, hop on the Choo Choo Express that the kids would enjoy. Then choose where to spend the evening in the gardens. End the day with a dinner at one of the many Thai restaurants in the nearby Newtown neighbourhood.

Day 3 – Start with Nielsen Park area that has a small beach, pool and picnic area. Continue the beach excursion with the famous Bondi beach. Head to the Rocks in the evening and spend a few hours shopping, dining and taking in the culture and architecture.

Day 4 – There are two options this day for kids - Sydney Olympic Park or Darling harbour. The former has lots of fun sports activities for children. The latter is a hub of entertainment and interesting activities for people of all ages. Later go to Campbell Cove and board a tall ship that features a unique pirate adventure named ‘Attack of the Pirates.’ Delicious dinner at the Vrindavan Indian restaurant would be a great way to end the Sydney tour.

Day 5 – Keep a lazy morning before heading out towards the next destination around noon.

The beautiful vacation story continues to Melbourne and then on to Queenstown and Auckland in New Zealand. 


  • Sydney has a great public transport system. Tripoetic recommends the Opal card that works on all modes of transportation. However, if children are tired, hailing a taxi is a better option.
  • Above itinerary can be easily modified per your convenience. Tripoetic will personalise everything according to your preferences.

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