Whoever said wanderlust is just about backpacking, is wrong. Tripoetic brings to you exclusive, high-end experiences dipped in luxury. Tired of mundane check-ins in fancy hotels devoid of adventure? How about a night in an extravagant treehouse or a day on a private yacht? With these exclusive once in a lifetime experiences, Tripoetic makes every special occasion magnificent, be it your big day, that magical proposal or a celebration of love.

We blend luxury with adventure. It's one life, live it large! 

​Your own Cinderella moment for 5 hours

​From in front of TV to a part of Racing scene

​Vintage splendour on wheels

​Freeze your love in frames till eternity

Secluded ​luxury on a paradise in ocean

​Celebrating love across continents

​Romantic night out with wilderness

​Gorgeous views from the top of the world, literally

Relax in luxury surrounded by nature

​Stay under stars, dine with the corals 

​Floating extravagance with endless blue waters